If you are an individual buyer from an EU country, you must pay for the Spanish TVA, as shown in the web.


If you are a company/organization from an EU country, with a European VAT ID (thus allowed to make intra European transactions), you will NOT pay the Spanish TVA (less 10% on coffee, 21% on coffee machines). The total price will deduct the Spanish TVA. The Company’s VAT information must be included on the invoice required information, the system will check that the European VAT-ID does exist. You can check if your Company/Organization already has a European VAT ID through this web page from the EU.


If you are buying from the UK, companies, organizations and individuals do not pay the Spanish TVA. The total price will deduct the Spanish TVA. However, you might have to pay for custom taxes.


Should you have any doubt, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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